Pfuko Investment Group is a company that has been founded with an aim to counter the business challenges that faces many of the country’s business. Whilst the focus is in supporting the SMME’s to be able to tender to their sustenance and growth needs, the company is well positioned to support multinational companies within their process to find suitable solutions to meet the country’s and economic vision which are driven by the Economic Programmes as laid down by Parliament.

Business administration ; Business compliance ; Project management and execution ; Project resourcing ; SHEQ services etc.

These are some of the fundamentals of each business that Pfuko Investment Group has invested in human capital to cater for the the growing needs and demands of the economy. Companies cannot be seen relaxed in any of matters that are either on company’s growth focus or made prerequisite through legislation as these matters if not attended to, could lead to business challenges that could cost the organization enormously or even lead to dissolution in some case.

There are several consultation companies that provides various solutions to challenges faced by the businesses. Pfuko Investment has experience if cornerstone sectors such as the mining sector, the financial sector, the construction sector, tourism sector, training sector and the Health sector; thus through years of either physical interaction in ground work itself and/or working in line with the processes as consultants.


We invest – We Capitalize your project

We Resources – bring required solution

We Partner – bring both Capital & Resources

We give you that piece of mind that your project will be executed within time and spec.